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Seedboms are made from 3 simple ingredients:

  • 1/ Recycled paper pulp
  • 2/ Organic peat-free coir based compost
  • 3/ Wildflower or herb seeds


Shake Seedbom to help distribute the seeds inside and loosen the soil. Also it’s fun; like shaking a maraca!

Pull the pin! Before the next stage open the Seedbom by pulling the pin upward to break the seal and remove paper plug.

Throw (or drop or even place if you prefer) Seedboms onto surface of bare ground that is in need of beatification. When throwing or dropping make sure to use a little force so the Seedbom shell splits open when it hits the ground to allow seedlings to grow out

Fill the Seedbom with water to trigger the growing process and to help soften up the paper shell. Soaking the shell also helps with moisture retention and to help Seedbom break open during next stage.

When the Seedbom hits the ground it should split open along the seam, this is where the seedlings will grow out*. There is no need to bury the Seedbom, they work best on top of the soil.


*What if the Seedbom doesn’t split open? – If the Seedbom doesn’t open or you have decided to simply place it on the ground then simply split it open by hand. Gently prise the two halves apart with your thumbs until it splits down the seam and you can see the compost inside. The Seedbom should be soaked as instructed to make the splitting easy.


Seedboms grow over time. The paper shell will help maintain moisture levels and eventually biodegrade leaving only the plants behind.

Worth noting: All instructions can be found on the inside of the Seedbom packaging sleeve.


Growing tips:


When watering ensure the Seedbom is gently soaked all the way through, you can tell it’s really soaked when the paper shell turns darker in colour and starts to soften. If your Seedbom is not soaked through there is a good chance it won’t break open effectively.


Seedboms like to be kept damp, try not to let them dry out and don’t over-water and drown the seedlings. A good rule of thumb is damp to the touch but not soaking wet.


Seedboms like to be warm, not too hot, the warmth from the sun is ideal. Too hot and the Seedbom will dry out and there is a danger of the seedlings dying. Too cold and the seeds may not germinate at all.


When choosing the perfect growing site, look for bare open ground with little or no weeds, weeds will compete with the seedlings and stop them from establishing into strong and healthy plants.


Seedboms can also be grown in planters, pots or window boxes. Simply soak as normal and place on top of well drained soil, then split open by hand to allow seedlings to grow out.





Q. Where are Seedboms made?

Seedboms are manufactured in Glasgow, Scotland. Around 15 mins drive from our office….handy eh!


Q. What seeds are used in seedboms?

We use a variety of seeds in our range. These include native single variety wildflower seeds such as Cornflowers, Corn Poppies and Forget-me-nots as well as wildflower mixes created to attract bees, butterflies and birds. We also use the occasional herb such as Thyme and Catnip.


Q. How many seeds are there in a Seedbom?

Each Seedbom contains approximately 1 gram of seeds. Quantities vary depending on variety and seed size i.e. larger seeds approx 10 seeds per gram, mixes approx 100 seeds per gram and tiny seeds such as poppies can be approx 10,000 seeds per gram.


Q. When can I use seedboms?

Seedboms are designed to be used from around April till June however depending on the variety you can use grow them as early as March and as late as October (flower the following year) is some cases. Further details can be found on each of the individual Seedbom product pages as well as on the packaging itself.


Q. How long can I keep my Seedbom for using?

For best results use your Seedbom within 1 year of purchase. Keep cool and dry when storing.


Q. My seedbom won’t grow, what’s wrong?


There are a number of reasons why your seedbom may not grow, we try to give the best advice on how to grow your seedbom and we make seedboms in a way that gives the seeds the best chance of growing. However we cannot unfortunately offer any guarantees, nature plays by its own rules and sometimes things just don’t grow when they should. Seedboms need 3 basic things to grow and survive, water, heat and light. Take anyone of these 3 things away and they just won’t grow. If you are having repeated problems from lack of growth or dying seedlings then please get in touch and tell us about it, in most cases we will endeavor to replace your seedboms where possible. Follow these simple rules and hopefully things will grow just fine. 


Shake your Seedbom to disperse the seeds inside the shell.


Soak your Seedbom. We recommend you soak your seedboms before use. Simply pull out the pin stopper and slowly pour in water until it has soaked through, goes soft and changes colour from light to dark. However do not over soak or over water, this can damage the seeds/seedlings and will inhibit growth.


Give your Seedbom light. Make sure your seedbom is getting enough natural light in its location. If you are having trouble growing them outdoors why not try germinating them indoors in a pot by a window before planting out once established.


Give them heat. Ensure you use your seedboms during the seasons specified on the packaging to give them the best chance of growing. Although we cannot guarantee heat during these seasons these are the growing seasons specified by the suppliers and should stimulate healthy growth. 


As a rule of thumb avoid frost and don’t give up! Many wildflowers will lay dormant for weeks or months before sprouting into action when the time is right. Your Seedbom may look like it’s dying off after initial growth, that is normal. Don’t throw it out just yet, there could be wildflowers waiting to pop up the following spring once given a chance.