Living naturally

Soapnut shampoo

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Living naturally

Soapnut shampoo

Sold out


Wet bar and lather in hands or sponge. Apply lather to wet hair, Shampoo and then rinse out. Use our Herbal Hair Rinse Conditioner for amazing, bouncy & shiny hair and to get rid of any soap residue.

Prolong the life of your soap by not leaving soap in a soggy soap dish, or in an area where water is constantly flowing. Allow the bar to dry in between uses.



Beer & Bay

This is an amazing hair-face-body shampoo which will promote shiny and bouncy hair with the added gentle and effective cleansing powers of bay and argile clay for all over cleaning! It also makes a great shaving bar too!

GREAT FOR: Deeply Cleansing & Balancing. Suitable for all hair/skin types,especially dry, problem, sensitive and skin prone to dandruff, itchiness or flakiness. 


Dead sea mud

Our Dead Sea Mud shampoo is a powerhouse of nourishing ingredients and is great for dandruff, itchy and/or oily scalps, is a good clarifier and promotes shiny bouncy healthy hair.

DEAD SEA MUD has 35 minerals to make your hair feel clean, healthy and restored. This amazing natural mud helps draw out toxins, removes excess oiliness, balances and calms the skin. It has been said that applying dead sea mud to your hair encourages stronger hair growth.

GREAT FOR: Cleansing & Strengthening. Suitable for all hair/skin types, especially hair/skin prone to dryness, itchiness or just in need of a deep cleanse. Great for hair that needs a bit of lift. 


Hemp and patchouli

A beautiful artisan shampoo bar scented with cedarwood, patchouli and geranium, that brings on waves of 60s nostalgia!

GREAT FOR: Moisturising & Conditioning. Great for thick curly dry hair! Suitable for skin prone to dryness & inflammation. 


Lemon and avocado

Gently cleansing without stripping your hair and replacing any lost moisture for a beautiful head of fresh, bouncy and nourished hair. 

GREAT FOR: Nourishing & Balancing. Suitable for all hair/skin types,especially for problem, sensitive and combination hair/skin types. 





"Hi Ada, thanks for the review. If you have greasy roots it may be that you just need to make sure you create lots of lather and really massage your scalp to get rid of any grease. The ACV is perfect and will help you get rid of any residue and for dry ends, but it may be that you need something extra in the rinse to help with the dryness. You could try adding aloe vera juice to the rinse to help :)"