Join us in 2017 for our Ethical Challenge

We’re asking you to change one habit each month to lead a more ethical life

How it works

Set yourself a goal to lead a more ethical life, by changing one habit each month.

First set your goal, It could be to go Vegan, vegetarian, to avoid plastic, to only buy local products, reduce your impact on climate change, live a more sustainable life or perhaps you want to take a combination of a few of these.

We are then asking you to change one habit each month to achieve your goal.

Download your ethical challenge planner to take part.

Have a look on our ideas page for habits you could change each month.

Use the Hashtag #ethicalchallenge to tell us about your challenge.

Join our facebook group to chat to others taking part in the challenge and get ideas and motivation.

Blog about it and follow our blog

Raise money or awareness for a charity by getting sponsorship go to our Just giving page to find out more.