You don’t need to go cold turkey to lead a more ethical life here are some ways you can make small changes to lead a more ethical life.

Here is a list of habits you could choose to change pick one for each month or come up with your own ideas.

Going Vegan:

  • Cut out a specific food type eg dairy, meat, honey
  • Change a toiletry products to cruelty free, eg soap, toothpaste, shampoo, make up.
  • Change a lifestyle area each month eg, cosmetics, food, clothing, cleaning products.
  • Change a meal eg breakfast, lunch and dinner to be vegan.
  • Change to alternatives for certain food product eg eggs, cheese, chocolate, yogurts…..
  • Have a vegan day each week slowly increasing it to 7 days a week.

Becoming Vegetarian:

  • Stop eating a type of meat each month
  • Change a meal eg breakfast, lunch and dinner to be vegetarian
  • Have a meat free day eg One day a week is meat free then up this each month until you have 7 meat free days.

Avoid plastic:

  • Don’t use straws
  • Don’t use single use plastic bags
  • Buy boxes instead of bottles
  • Buy water in boxes or glass or better still refill a reusable cup from the tap.
  • Reuse and refill packaging
  • Eat less processed food which tends to come in plastic packaging
  • Pack you lunch in reusable containers
  • Avoid disposable plastic razors, toothbrushes
  • Buy products made from bio degraebable or recycled materials
  • Use paper based cotton buds

Buy Local:

  • Pledge to only buy from farmers markets
  • Shop only in local independent shops
  • Don’t shop in supermarkets
  • Don’t shop online

Sustainable living:

  • Only buy products from sustainable crops eg: sustainable palm oil
  • Use all bits of the paper, print of both sides, save scrap paper until there is no place left for it to be usable.
  • Take your own coffee cup and reuse it
  • Buy second hand
  • Grow your own
  • Plant a tree
  • Read newspapers/magazines online

Reducing impact on carbon footprint:

  • Buy an electric car
  • Get solar panels installed
  • Walk or cycle shorter journeys
  • Car pool and use public transport when you can
  • Take your holiday in the uk
  • Cut down on your mail by contacting companies to send you communications by email.
  • Change your lightbulbs to be LEDs
  • Turn off electrics when you don’t need them.
  • Compost organic waste
  • Save water, shower rather than bath, turn off the tap when you are brushing you teeth.
  • Save up your errand for one big journey rather than lots of little ones.
  • Aim to produce zero waste, recycle, reuse and donate unwanted items
  • Use a company who uses 100% renewable energy